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Msen has implemented a greylisting system for SMTP email access to our servers. This process delays email for 10 minutes before accepting it. It is an attempt to block spammers who will only make one attempt at sending email before they go on to another victim. Any legitimate email server will retry any delayed mail, and so legitimate email gets through, while most spam is denied. Measurements show that 93% of spam is being blocked using this method alone. Msen's other spam blocking features can be activeated on a per account basis from the following control panel.

Because of this new SPAM filtering process outgoing mail can be affected for a portion of the Msen user community. Those affected are:

- Those not on Msen IP addresses/modems, Ie. cable modem users

The fix to remove the delay time is as follows:

- Turn on SMTP-AUTH, so a userid/password combination is sent with the outgoing mail. Since the password is verified, the mail goes through immediately.

This page will show you the process of turning on SMTP-AUTH. Since it sends a userid/password combination the same as POP3 or IMAP does, the connection should be encrypted. The instructions on how to use SMTP-AUTH and POP3 with SSL/TLS encryption are on the TLS page.


In Outlook Express for the Mail account properties, set your options to the following with your username and servers set to your particular account.

If you are on a cable modem or in a hotel that blocks port 25 for outgoing email, you can use the Port 587 Mail Submission protocol for SMTP. Unlike port 25, Port 587 requires you to send your username/password to the server to authenticate the connection.

Using TLS/SSL protects your userid/password when sent across the network for the mail protocols. The non-SSL version of the protocols send the passwords in the clear across the wire. To achieve complete email privacy, use SSL/TLS to protect your passwords, and PGP to protect the content of the message.

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