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Complete Business Solution including ISDN or T1 access
Designed to provide everything a small office needs to access the Internet, this account combines the most requested options of Msen's Premium Web Hosting, with either an ISDN or T1 connection. Customers looking for a reliable Internet connection to combine with either Microsoft Small Office or a Unix/Linux server will find it all here. These accounts include:

- Domain registration by Msen for including registrar fees. If you have an existing domain, Msen will handle the transfer for you.

- Customers may choose to host their own web server onsite or may host their site at Msen at no additional charge.

- Primary and secondary DNS services for your domain with tertiary service provided on an offsite DNS machine to improve reliability.

- Email forwarding of up to ten addresses within your domain to any alternate address you choose. Examples of use: could direct that email to the web page developer and could direct that email to a local sales rep in Chicago.

- Shell access to your account on one of Msen's business-only servers.

- Monthly invoices delivered by your choice of e-mail or USmail.

- Either a 24x7 unmetered 128K ISDN connection or a T1 with:

* A static IP address to ease providing services, implement a VPN or interface with companies using firewalls. Additional static IP addresses may be added.

* Full Internet access.

* Email access for all of your employees using your server running Microsoft Exchange, Unix/Linux sendmail or other E-mail server product.

- Customers choosing the T1 based connection receive

* A router, DSU and cables configured to work with Msen's network and installed at the customer site (an extra service fee applies for on-site installation if Customer is located more than 30 minutes from Troy, Michigan).

* A $150 monthly credit toward a burstable T1 or a 256K, 384K, 512K or Full T1.

* Msen-provided management of the T1 line including initial ordering and 24x7 monitoring once the circuit is live. Should there be problems with the line, Msen will notify the customer, contact the telecom provider and monitor the repair.

* Msen can deliver T1 lines to most locations served by Ameritech in the 248, 313, 734, 586, 810 area code regions for telecom charges of $325 per month.

- Telecom charges are in addition to bandwidth fees and are the responsibility of customer.

- Contact Msen for an exact quote on telecom charges or if you have any other questions.

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T1 Telecom Charges (within Michigan)

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